Top 10 most common phobias


What is a phobia? What does it cause? How can we prevent it? We can easily answer those questions. Phobias are excessive fear of particular subject or situations. In most cases, phobias are caused by feeling afraid and scared of something may harm you. There are thousands and thousands of phobias but today we are going to talk about most common ones.


There are three types of phobias. Those types are:


  1. Social phobias

Social phobias can occur by being afraid of public speeches and public situations. Most common public phobias are public speaking. In this case, those people who suffer from this phobia, are afraid of being somehow embarrassed in public places. Most of the time, those people prefer to stay at home.


  1. Agoraphobia

This phobia is caused by feeling scared of being trapped in closed or small places. Most common ones are claustrophobia and Taphophobia. Claustrophobia is being afraid of small places. In this case, people who have this phobia can get panic attacks if they have been trapped in closed or small rooms. Taphophobia is fear or being buried alive. It’s very rare but many people still suffer from this phobia.


  1. Specific phobias

The causes of these phobias are feeling scared of something. There are four different categories. Those categories are natural environments, animals, medical and situational.


Until we’ll tell you, about ten most common phobias, here are some honorable mentions:


  • Thanatophobia

Thanatophobia is a phobia of death. No everyone but many people are scared of death. Some people are afraid of dying in young age when some are already old and they know that their time is close. Eventually, this phobia can cause problems and issues in your daily life.


  • Coulrophobia and Pediophobia

Coulrophobia is fear of clowns. Seems like this phobia is relatively common. The victims of this phobia are afraid of the of the clown. They are getting nervous and even panic attack while they see some.


  • Glossophobia

Glossophobia may be defined as a very specific form of speech anxiety, which is the fear of speaking in public. These people get so nervous during a public speech that they began to sweat and it’s difficult for them to even speak.


Now, here are top 10 most common phobias.


1) Arachnophobia/fear of spiders

As expected the most common phobia is arachnophobia. This phobia mostly affects women but it’s also common in men. Arachnophobes will do anything to not come across with spiders. Also although they come across with spiders, they will probably run away from it, if there is no one to help or assist them.


2) ophidiophobia/fear of snakes

People have this phobia because some snakes are venomous. Almost 1/3 of the human population have this phobia. This phobia has evolutionary roots. Therefore someone who suffers from this phobia is more likely to avoid camping activities and hiking. Most parts of the ophidiphobes are also scared of another type of reptiles.


3)Acrophobia/fear of heights 

Acrophobia is fear of heights and falling. In some cases, it can cause panic attacks to the victims of this specific phobia. Also, those panic attacks can interfere they abilities to climb down. About 12%-15% of the world’s entire population suffer from this phobia, which mostly is women.


4) Agoraphobia/fear of open or crowded spaces

Victims of Agoraphobia are having hard times while going to the mall, theaters or any crowded spaces and not only. Open spaces are also indeed part of agoraphobes fear(Most common example is fear of open ocean). Like other phobias also this one can lead to some serious panic attacks and it also can be the cause of depression


5) Claustrophobia/fear of small spaces

You have probably heard about this one.Claustrophobia is the fear of closed spaces. suffocation and restriction are related to this particular phobia. Scientists have carefully studied each detail but sadly only about 3%-4% of the sufferers seek treatment.Cynophobia is one of the most



6) Cynophobia/fear of dogs

Cynophobia is one of the most popular animal phobias. A major part of cynophobes are women but it also affects men. Also, the thing about Cynophobia is that dogs are more common nowadays than another animal for example spiders and snakes. Likely about half of the sufferers seek treatment


7) Aerophobia/fear of flying

Nearly 8% of the world’s population suffer from fear of flying. After all, it’s being declared that plane traveling is the safest method of transportation but victims still suffer from this phobia. It also affects their personal life because air traveling is nearly impossible for them. Aerophobia can be also related to claustrophobia and agoraphobia.


8) Astraphobia/fear of thunder

storms are very common this day but for individuals who suffer from astraphobia it can lead to panic attacks and can be downright debilitating. A major part of sufferers is children. There is also small chance that it can also transfer in adulthood. Likely this phobia is highly treatable and there are thousands of options.


9) Mysophobia/fear of germs

Mysophobia can lead people to wash their hands very often and even engage extreme cleaning. This phobia can relate to an obsessive-compulsive disorder known as OCD. Mysophobia can also result in people avoiding physical contact with other people.


10) Trypophobia / fear of holes

Trypophobia is an extreme fear of holes. Individuals with this phobia will gross and disgusting feeling while they see objects with holes. For normal people, it might seem strange but trypophobes will do anything to avoid touching objects with holes. For example sponge, coral, honeycombs and etc.



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