Books Are Remarkable


Book…Why are books so important? What do they give to us? Why should we focus more time on reading? Well, first of all “when you open book, you open door into new universe”. Books are very important in our lives and they have big effects on our way of thinking and intelligence. We should think about it. Also, there are people out there who are just too lazy to read the book. In my opinion, I wouldn’t be surprised if their IQ score is lower than average. I mean its okay to be lazy sometimes and we all feel like doing nothing but when you are constantly doing it, it’s not good. Nowadays people spend too much time on social media websites. For them, it’s better to view some funny videos than reading the good interesting book. They are trying to convince their self that the reading isn’t that important and they are no good books to read for some reasons. The thing about books is that they play a big role in our development as an adult person. There are more than one or two genres to choose so your choice is big

Personally, for me, the science fiction, action, and fantasy books are more suitable. They are giving me more ways to observe and see the universe in brighter colors. They are charge…the charge which I need for my imagination to work. There are thousands and thousands of book that you can choose in this particular genres. For example Lord of the Rings, game of thrones and how can we forget good old harry potter. Those are some example of action book and they are mostly recommended for teenagers and older people but if you are really into it then go ahead and give it a try.

I can’t tell you which book you should read and which not. We are individuals with our unique tastes and personalities. Something for someone might be a bad but it might be good for you. Try to express your own opinions and ideas. They shouldn’t be based on others’. Be more confident with yourself and try to think about things that are really important. It doesn’t have anything to do with books but I kind felt that I should have mentioned that. And on that note best of luck. See you with new projects next year. Goodbye.


List of some new and frequently mentioned books:


  1. 4321″  by Paul Auster
  2. All the Beloved Ghosts’’  by Alison MacLeod
  3. Lincoln in the Bardo”  by George Saunders
  4. The Lucky Ones”  by julianne pachico
  5. The Stranger In The Woods”  by Michael finkel
  6. Waking Gods”  by sylvain neuvel
  7. Things We Lost in the Fire”  by Mariana Enríquez
  8. The Wanderers”  by Meg Howrey


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